Attorneys, Staff, and of Counsels

(Colin) Kha T. Nguyen, Esq. – Attorney at Law

0ae4653Colin graduated from Michigan State College of Law and practices in the field of taxation, immigration, and criminal defense. Colin is licensed to practice law in the state of Illinois. He prides himself on his relentless work ethic and ability to work with others.  He is a Vietnamese-American attorney and is fluent in English and Vietnamese. You can reach him at or (773) 231-7573.

Juliana Dukov, – ISPNA Business Manager* 

IMG_0695Juliana has been working in the field of immigration for over 10 years as an interpreter, legal assistant, and owner of her own immigration service agency. She is fluent in English, Bulgarian, Russian, and several other languages. Juliana has been operating her agency  since the mid-2000s. She also teaches/certifies student at the International TEFL Academy in Chicago. You can reach her at or (312) 738-2529.

J.W., J.D. – Legal Scholar/Former Attorney*

190547011077J.W. graduated from Ohio State Law School and has twenty plus years of experience in the legal profession. He is a former attorney in the state of Ohio and Illinois. John has dealt with many immigrant clients and delivered great results for many of his clients when he was practicing.  He currently journals legal articles on pressing current immigration issues. You can reach him at or (312) 738-2529.


Nicholas P. Antonacci, J.D. – Attorney at Law*

Nick ProfileNick has been licensed for over 6 years and practices in the field of DUI and DWI defense, Family, and Real Estate Law. He graduated from Southern Illinois University College of Law. He prides himself on being easy to work with, detail oriented and motivated to fight for his client’s legal rights. You can reach him at (773) 454-4374 or with any questions regarding your legal issues.


Mary Giao Pham, – Legal Assistant/Secretary

SisterMary handles billing and payments along with other administrative duties for ALC. Her experience consists of working in accounts receivable and payable for 10 plus years. She is the main reference point for appointment scheduling and general questions. She is fluent in Vietnamese and English. You can reach her at or (773) 231-7573.   


Frank Venis, Esq. – Attorney at Law/Of Counsel*

FrankVFrank graduated from University of Illinois Law School. He is a native of New York City and a former naval officer. He currently practices law in Chicago, IL and is a partner at Venis & Copp, LLP. He practices law in the field of civil litigation, bankruptcy, education, and criminal defense. You can reach him at or at (312) 469-0707. 

Rasa Miliauskas – Legal Assistant/Paralegal*

rasaRasa has over 10 years of experience dealing with family sponsorship petitions. She is in charged of client relations and assembling all the necessary documents required by USCIS and other agencies to prove up marriage and other family-sponsorship petitions. She is fluent in English and Lithuanian. You can reach her at, or (312) 738-2529.

David Copp, Esq. – Attorney at Law/Of Counsel* 

default_profileDavid graduated from University of Michigan undergrad and University of Illinois Law School. He is base in Chicago, IL and a partner at Venis & Copp, LLP. He practices law in the field of civil litigation, real estate, and criminal defense. You can reach him at or at (312) 469-0707. 


*Disclaimer: This party is not an employee of Allied Law Counsel but is a contact or of counsel for the firm.