2023 Successful Cases

U.S. Immigration I-589 Asylum Granted!

We are proud to announce that Attorney Nguyen had his first major victory in this new year on January 24, 2023. After five years of fighting for our client who hails from Belarus, we were able to get him political asylum here in the United States. Originally the client was denied asylum at the administrative level and we appealed it up in front of an immigration judge who ultimately awarded our client asylum.

Background: The client was a successful Information Technology entrepreneur who founded a thriving security camera system business in Belarus in the early 2010s. But after refusing to take on a government contract that was not financially feasible for his company, the Belarussian government tried to seize and shut down his business. Fortunately, our client was able to escape from Belarus and arrived in the U.S. where he sought asylum.

Positive Construction Arbitration Ruling Awarded!

We are excited to report that our firm was able to get a successful verdict rendered in a breach of contract construction arbitration case. Our client was the General Contractor who incurred substantial cost to undertake a home basement rehab. The homeowner was unsatisfied with the pace of which the project was moving and terminated our client prior to the deadline that was agreed upon by the parties. Let’s just say the homeowner was being a Karen (which was actually her name) and demanded our client to refund the entire amount back. Our client was willing to refund the unused payment but could not return the entire amount since he was working with her for over 6 months with permits and design. In addition, actual construction had been undertaken for several months.

The homeowner thought she could bully our client into giving her essentially free work and whatever she wanted. We went through a full arbitration hearing where arguments were presented, evidence were submitted, and direct/cross examinations were take of the witnesses. Ultimately, the arbitration court rendered a decision that the homeowner would only be paid the left over unused amount instead of the entire payment that she initially paid which is fair and all our client wanted in the end.